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Weis Williams-Christ-Birne Pear Brandy 500ml

Weis Williams-Christ-Birne Pear Brandy 500ml

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4kg of Pears are needed to create this 500ml bottle of Weis Williams-Christ Pear Brandy. Providing you with the cleanest fruit taste, smooth and powerful with a lingering sweetness.

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Product Information

Variety: Liqueur

Size mL: 500


ABV: 40%

Age Statement:

Distillery Info

The Weis Distillery in Germany is an excellent choice when it comes to the purchase of fine fruit brandies and liqueurs.

"The classic among fruit brandies" Williams Christ is a type of pear (Pyrus communis). The fruit brandy obtained from it is also called that. The original name of the fruit is Bon-Chrétien Williams, in the USA and Canada it is called Bartlett. The flesh of the well-known Williams Christ pear is yellow-white, sweetish-spicy with its own noble, refreshing, strong aroma. The full-bodied taste is completed by the noble finish.

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