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Unico Zelo

Unico Zelo Unico Yuzo Sweet Vermouth 750ml

Unico Zelo Unico Yuzo Sweet Vermouth 750ml

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“We crafted this esoteric little number for Fun & for Love. We love fine Adelaide Hills Merlot, we love Yuzu - the most amazing little asiatic citrus we've encountered throughout our exploration of exotic flavours, we love sweet Vermouth and we love native Australian ingredients - so we developed the ultimate mash-up - for fun!”
The Makers of Unico Yuzo Sweet Vermouth

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Product Information

Variety: Vermouth

Size mL: 750

Region: Adelaide Hills

ABV: 16%

Age Statement:

Distillery Info

From the sister Distillery of Applewood in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia comes Unico Zelo – a winery that is making it’s mark in a big way.

The Unico Zelo Unico Yuzo Sweet Vermouth is made from Adelaide Hills Merlot and the citrus fruit Yuzo… sound interesting? You bet it is!

“Being winemakers, we're two people incredibly passionate about the soil and produce we have in Australia. It's our intent to showcase products to the rest of the world that embrace Australian native ingredients and pay homage to the indigenous custodianship who maintained the land for thousands of years.

It's this passion that has driven us to start two wine labels, one that protects our farmers and another that protects our future. We've since taken these concepts and with our distillery, applewood - catapulted it into the horticultural realm - studying indigenous produce, it's beneficial effects on our land and the stories it can tell through incredible colours, flavours, and textures.

We seek Australian identity in the products we craft and the services we offer. We seek ways to communicate this with an entirely new demographic. Our hope is that these Australian stories can one-day be heard on a global scale.”
Brendan, Laura & Truffles

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