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St Agnes

St Agnes Camborne Single Malt Brandy Cask Whisky 700ml (Australia)

St Agnes Camborne Single Malt Brandy Cask Whisky 700ml (Australia)

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Pale gold in colour, the palate of the St Agnes Camborne Single Malt Australian Whisky is vanilla and crème caramel with a faint note of cedar, opening up to caramel malt and Anzac biscuits. The finish is ginger spice and pear with lightly roasted nuts and a dry and pleasant finish.

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Product Information

Variety: Australian Whisky

Size mL: 700

Region: Adelaide

ABV: 46.3%

Age Statement: No Age Statement (NAS)

Distillery Info

Camborne Single Malt Australian Whisky by The St Agnes Distillery specialises in carefully selected Single Cask Whisky.

The St Agnes Distillery is one of Australia’s oldest, continuously run, family owned and operated craft distilleries. With over 110 years of experience practising the fine art of distillation through our historic Copper Pot stills we demand uncompromising quality while nurturing the individual character of our spirit.

Since 1886, our winery and distillery’s reputation has been built on producing high quality apera, grand and rare tawny, wine and brandy. This heritage has resulted in an extensive and diverse oak reserve that is unrivalled across Australia. Distillery Notes

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