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Morris of Rutherglen

Morris Sparkling Shiraz Durif NV 750mL

Morris Sparkling Shiraz Durif NV 750mL

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In 1988 Morris decided to produce a Sparkling red wine known then as Sparkling Burgundy. Shiraz was the traditional base but our winemakers discovered that adding some Durif, which flourishes in Rutherglen, adds an extra richness and flavour to the wine.

The Morris Sparkling Shiraz Durif is a unique sparkling red with intense beading and rich robust flavour. The soft and ripe fruit characteristics of the Shiraz base are elevated through the seamless blending of rich savoury spiced notes of Durif, to create complexity and intrigue.

A range of vintages were selected for inclusion with the older wines imparting soft and mature flavours while the younger wines provide a vibrant fruit lift. After blending all components of the base, the wine is bottled with yeast and allowed twelve to eighteen months contact before the yeast is removed.

Wine Specifications

Variety: Shiraz Durif

Size: 750mL

Region: Rutherglen

ABV: 13.5%

Vintage: Non-Vintage

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Winery & Vintage Info

With 160 years of history and winemaking tradition, the Morris family of Rutherglen
have earned the esteemed position as one of the most prominent wine-making families in Australia. When founder George Morris first planted vines near Rutherglen, in North-East Victoria, he established an enduring family legacy. Under the guidance of David Morris, fifth generation and current Chief Winemaker, the Morris range of fortified and table wines continue to be masterfully crafted with the same skill and passion that has been our hallmark since 1859.

A true benchmark, only the most exceptional vintages are blended for the highly coveted Old Premium Rare range of fortifieds, released for this strictly limited release.

Proudly sourced from vineyards located in the Rutherglen region in North-East Victoria.

The Morris Sparkling Shiraz Durif comprises 60% Shiraz, 40% Durif. The colour is medium to deep crimson with red hues, with rich and earthy aromas of ripe fruit and spice. There is a full flavoured palate of dark fruits, chocolate and savoury influences balanced by soft tannins.

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