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Maidenii Roselle Bitter 750mL

Maidenii Roselle Bitter 750mL

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Roselle is the common name for Hibiscus Sabdariffa. It has a bright red calyx which adds colour and flavour along with 23 other botanicals including Australian natives – strawberry gum, Tasmanian pepper-berry and salt bush. The residual sugar, from grapes only, indicates a more Aperitivo style but it is very well suited as a Bitter.
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Variety: Vermouth

Size mL: 750


ABV: 22%

Age Statement:

Distillery Info

The partnership of Maidenii was born from two passionate people, Shaun Byrne and Gilles Lapalus, a bartender and a wine maker respectively.

Shaun Byrne returned to Australia after working for 4 years in the UK and became part of the ‘Gin Palace’ establishment in Melbourne.

In 2001, Gilles moved to Australia to become the manager of biodynamic viticulture and winemaking at Sutton Grange Winery near Castlemaine, Victoria. He first started experimenting with botanicals in 2011 and, after meeting Shaun, co-founded Maidenii Vermouth.

Their namesake, Jospeh Maiden was a stalwart champion of the eucalypt and the acacia, which grow gold and green across this vast country. He delved deeply and with joy into the oft-neglected wealth of Australian botanical novelty, finding value and beauty where others saw none.

The rest as they say in the old classics is history.

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