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Limoncetta Di Sorrento 500ml (Italy)

Limoncetta Di Sorrento 500ml (Italy)

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Peels of fine oval lemons, water, sugar, alcohol and... All the sun and sea breeze that only the enchanting Sorrento peninsula can offer. The original Limoncetta di Sorrento was born from this simplicity. A 100% natural liqueur, without dyes or preservatives that embodies all the scent of the best Sorrento Lemons.

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Variety: Limoncello

Size mL: 500


ABV: 30%

Age Statement:

Distillery Info

Kissed by the light of the warm Campania sun, the "Ovale di Sorrento" is born, the precious quality of lemon that It stands out not only for its characteristic rounded shape, but also for its oil-rich skin essential and for the intense aroma of its juice.

The Consortium for the Protection of the Lemon of Sorrento P.G.I. certifies not only the origin and quality of our fruits, but also the genuineness of the entire production chain, faithful to the typical Sorrento processing. From the use of "pagliarelle", large mats spread over our lemon trees to protect against to the production of liqueur by alcoholic infusion of the rinds: all according to tradition.

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