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Hillmartin Distillery

Hillmartin Distillery HM 2024 Hot Cross Bun Gin 500mL

Hillmartin Distillery HM 2024 Hot Cross Bun Gin 500mL

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✓ Vegan

✓ Gluten Free

The all-new Hillmartin Distillery HM 2024 Hot Cross Bun Gin is now available, offering the rich and irresistible taste of a classic Hot Cross Bun. Infused with sultanas, raisins, and spices, this gin will transport you to an Easter wonderland.

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Product Information

Variety: Flavoured Gin

Size mL: 500

Region: Melbourne

ABV: 43%

Age Statement: 2024

Distillery Info

Crafting this Hot Cross Bun flavoured gin has been so much fun for Hillmartin Distillery, and it is fair to say a lot of Hot Cross Buns were consumed in the development of this recipe.

They were determined to make a gin that had all the flavours of a traditional Hot Cross Bun, a healthy dose of juniper and the smooth finish that their HM Gins are renowned for.

For the base, they use the highest purity grain-based alcohol. To this base they add sultanas, raisins and dates and allow these to soak in the base spirit for an extended period. This allows them to extract maximum flavour from these fruits.

After a period of time we transfer the base ingredients to the still and further add juniper, cinnamon, cassia, nutmeg, all spice, coconut sugar and fresh navel orange. Portions of sultanas, raisins and navel orange are also added to the botanical basket to complete the set up.

Post distillation the gin is stored in stainless steel tanks and medium toasted French oak spirals are used to further enhance the flavour profile. The gin is cut back to 43% ABV at bottling.

Hillmartin Hot Cross Bun Gin is a limited release Hot Cross Bun flavoured gin with 140 bottles available in 2024. If you have a gin-lover in your family, this is the perfect gin Easter gift.

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