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Henri Bardouin

Henri Bardouin Le Pastis 700ml (France)

Henri Bardouin Le Pastis 700ml (France)

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Henri Bardouin pastis has a unique profile. Yellow, iridescent brown and green colour … Aniseed evolving towards spicy notes on the nose…A fresh and straightforward attack with a rich and long, lasting finish.
To savour all the aromatic finesse of Henri Bardouin Pastis, dilute 1 volume in 6 to 10 volumes of water. Yes, dilution is also the secret of real pastis tasting.
Besides being the ideal aperitif beverage, pastis Henri Bardouin also pairs wonderfully with fish, vegetables and spicy dishes.

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Size mL: 700


ABV: 45%

Age Statement:

Distillery Info

Much more than an aniseed beverage, Henri Bardouin Pastis is a masterpiece of balance where each ingredient occupies its rightful place. It has a symphony of flavours and aromas that meet, merge, and reveal themselves for a unique sensory dialogue between men, a terroir, and the history of Haute Provence. It is a symphony, whose score is a secret jealously guarded by Distilleries et Domaines de Provence.
The Distillery that makes Henri Bardouin Pastis has one golden rule: give time to time. The pastis is made according to a rigorous process in which chance and haste have no place. Distillery Notes

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