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Gekkeikan Horin Junmai Daiginjo Sake 720mL

Gekkeikan Horin Junmai Daiginjo Sake 720mL

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Gekkeikan Horin Junmai Daiginjo Sake has a mild fruity aroma with delicate notes of over-ripe cantaloupe, honeydew and honeysuckle. Round and smooth on the palate, with a medium, creamy body. Finishes long and smooth, with a hint of pear.

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Variety: Sake

Size mL: 720


ABV: 16.4%

Age Statement:

Distillery Info

Gekkeikan Horin sake brand comes from a combination of the mythological sacred bird and the Kylin. Starting in the 1900s, high-quality sake shipped to the Tokyo region was labeled “Horin Masamune.”

In 1978, Gekkeikan's highest-class Junmai Daiginjo sake started to be sold under the name “Horin Gekkeikan,” a name it retains today. Sold in black bottles with sinuous curves reminiscent of a woman, the gilded label shows “Horin” (鳳麟) written in calligraphy

A combination of fresh spring water, Yamada Nishiki rice (known as the ‘king of sake rice’), Gohyakumangoku rice milled to 50%, and the skill of the sake master, result in this classic example of a Fushimi style Junmai Daiginjo. Horin has a delicately fruity nose, its subtle flavours are well-balanced, and it is exceptionally smooth with a long clean finish.

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