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Four Pillars

Four Pillars Spice Trade Gin

Four Pillars Spice Trade Gin

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The Four Pillars Spice Trade Gin is quite literally a spice bazaar in a bottle. It is vibrant, aromatic and, if ‘colourful’ was a sense, then it would be that too.
Firstly, it is unmistakably gin. There is a huge weight of juniper which we needed because the power of the botanicals needed a solid canvas. Then you get powerful aromas of finger lime, chilli, cardamom and turmeric.

The palate is huge. The weight is built from macadamia and cashews along with sarsaparilla and cassia which hold the spices together. The warming spices of teppal, long pepper, fresh red chilli and black cardamom blend with lemon and anise myrtle to add to the power and depth of the gin.

This gin is a festival and a celebration. It’s loud and fun and flavoursome and fresh. Get it India.

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Product Information

Variety: Gin

Size mL: 700

Region: Yarra Valley

ABV: 43.8%

Age Statement:

Distillery Info

Four Pillars Spice Trade Gin is the fourth in their Distiller Series, where they partner with another distillery in a different part of the world to create a unique gin together, reflective of both distillery’s style.

To make this gin Four Pillars collaborated with Stranger & Sons, a craft distillery based in Goa, India, whose Indian Spirited Gin won gold at the 2020 IWSC.

With a love for spice in food and drinks, Four Pillars began trading spices across the Indian Ocean and trading ideas across Zoom calls. The result is a modern Indian take on a modern Australian gin – spicy, full of flavour, and perfect paired with a spicy Indian curry.

The botanicals and ingredients used to make the Four Pillars Spice Trade Gin are:
- Juniper
- Coriander
- Cassia
- Long pepper
- Black cardamom
- Green cardamom
- Cashew
- Teppal
- Sarsaprilla
- Lemon myrtle
- Macadamia
- Pepperberry
- Anise myrtle
- Red chilli
- Finger limes

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