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Four Pillars

Four Pillars Australian Christmas Gin 2022 700mL

Four Pillars Australian Christmas Gin 2022 700mL

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The 2022 Australian Christmas Gin from Four Pillars is now available at Wine Sellers Direct.

Every year this Gin release celebrates the Healesville sites opening, and a tradition that solidifies the Christmas Spirit for Gin lovers every Derby Day when it's released.

A true fan favourite, with each year bringing a unique take on the versatile product. You'll get aromatics of classic juniper and a hint of cinnamon, backed up with a rich, luscious palate with a hint of sweetness from the Muscat and richness from the extended barrel ageing. More than ever, it smells like gin and tastes like Christmas.

Sip it neat, over ice, or mixed with ginger (ale or beer).

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Product Information

Variety: Gin

Size mL: 700

Region: Yarra Valley

ABV: 43.8%

Age Statement: 2022

Distillery Info

To create this masterpiece gin, Cameron Mackenzie the head distiller at Four Pillars distilled the Christmas puddings by putting them in the botanical basket of their still and distilling a base of juniper, cinnamon, star anise, coriander seed and angelica over the top of them.

At the time of this creation he was also working on a gin aged in 125-year-old ex-Grants Whisky barrels that stored Rutherglen Muscat for 80 years, which he blended with the pudding gin. To finish, he added a slight tweak of Rutherglen Classic Muscat to round out the palate with a touch of richness.

The result smelt like gin and tasted like Christmas. With juniper-led Christmas tree notes and plum pudding character it is perfect sipped over ice, mixed with ginger (ale or beer), or made into one of these delicious cocktails.

For their 2017 release, Cam added a touch of the Four Pillars own muscat that has been sitting in barrels which previously aged Pedro Ximenez. So there was more depth, more complexity. An even more Christmas-y gin.

Since 2018 Four Pillars have made the gin even more special, as the puddings for the distillation were made by the three founders and their kids - Mackenzies, Gregors and Joneses.

The artwork on the seventh Christmas Gin label was created by Australian painter, Jane Reynolds. Jane’s art is all about the relationship between colour, form and light.

For this year’s Christmas Gin label, Four Pillars challenged Jane to come up with one of her signature hyper-real compositions that celebrated the colour and iconography of Christmas.

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