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Enrico Toro

Enrico Toro Centerba 1972 500mL

Enrico Toro Centerba 1972 500mL

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Enrico Toro Centerba 1972 is a collection of wild herbs of maiella and morrone, their drying in suitable environments located on the farm. At the end sorting and use only of the best parts of the leaves. After skilful dosing, these herbs are left to macerate in alcohol. The dosage and the infusion time (from two to four months) vary according to the climatic characteristics of the harvest year. Centerba 1972 is produced with what is extracted from this tincture.

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Variety: Herbal Liqueur

Size mL: 500

Region: Abruzzo

ABV: 70%

Age Statement:

Distillery Info

Centerba Toro Forte, today as in 1817, is the harmonious result of the maceration of herbs gathered on the Abruzzo mountains and precious oriental spices.

After the first impact with the 70% alcohol content, the consumer appreciates its balance and freshness. Used at the dawn of its history as a medicine, it is highly appreciated after a meal: it can be drunk at room temperature, cold or with ice. Present in many cooking recipes and cocktails.

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