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42Below Vodka

42BELOW Vodka Pure 700mL

42BELOW Vodka Pure 700mL

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42BELOW™ Vodka is an exceptionally smooth vodka, offering a rich flavour without heat. There is an aroma of fine wheat, with a nose of vanilla and a lovely ‘grainy’ scent. On the palate, the vodka is full and weighty, with a touch of sweetness, and a long lingering finish.

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Product Information

Variety: Vodka

Size mL: 700


ABV: 40%

Age Statement:

Distillery Info

Vodka from the other side. Their closest neighbours at 42BELOW™ are the penguins in the South Pole, which confirms the claim that 42BELOW is produced in an area that has the best air and water conditions in the world.

The water used to produce 42BELOW™ is pulled from an extinct volcanic aquifer. High-quality water equals high-quality vodka. 42BELOW™ Vodka is put through a stringent production process to ensure it is as pure as possible, using a continuous distillation method, distilling the vodka a total of 4 times.

Who reads back labels? Hope this was everything you dreamed it could be. When we're not busy "testing" cocktails, we dream of a pure earth, so that we can keep making pure vodka.

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