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Unico Zelo

Unico Zelo Esoterico 2022

Unico Zelo Esoterico 2022

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The Unico Zela Esoterico is an electic blend of Zibibbo, Gewurtztraminer, Moscato Giallo, Greco and Chardonnay. Not exactly a white wine or red – often referred to as amber, it is described as ‘scrumptious’.

✓ Vegan

Wine Specifications

Variety: White Blend

Size: 750mL

Region: Riverland & Clare Valley

ABV: 11.5%

Vintage: 2022

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Winery & Vintage Info

Crafting a pinpoint precise, squeaky clean wine is one of the most boring things Unico Zelo could possibly think of. They prefer embracing your inner creative, and searching for more radical experiences. This has become one of their most cult-followed wines since we began.

It's not exactly white wine, nor red - many call it Amber wine...but we just call it Esoterico. They make no additions of any kind - save for sulphur when they bottle the wine. There is no fining or filtration involved, with the wine allowed to clarify by gravity alone - resulting in a slight haze and sediment.

According to Unico Zelo this is one of the most enjoyable wines to craft, as there was no preconceived idea of what it must taste like - the chief driver is pure drinkability - a 'scrumptious' quality - mouthwatering acidity and 'say hello!' tannins. It's a Bohemian at heart. Winery Notes

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