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The Gospel

The Gospel Projects Legacy Rye 700mL

The Gospel Projects Legacy Rye 700mL

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With notes of orange marmalade, lemon curd, toasted cedar, burnt toffee, fig and leatherwood honey, The Gospel Projects Legacy Rye is best enjoyed neat.

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Product Information

Variety: Australian Whisky

Size mL: 700

Region: Melbourne

ABV: 56%

Age Statement: No Age Statement (NAS)

Distillery Info

In 2013, great mates Andrew and Ben built a small still in their garage in Carlton, Melbourne. Standard for a couple of guys fulfilling a dream! Fast forward 7 years later and the boys have produced an offering that showcases their religion - Whiskey.

It is widely believed that whiskey was first distilled for medicinal use by monks and apothecaries in Scotland and Ireland. The distillation of whiskey evolved as it moved from religious circles to everyday people, as it did with the path of migration over hundreds of years. Early Scotch-Irish settlers in the USA used rye to make whiskey because barley didn’t adapt to the North American climate. These conditions are also true for the dry climate of Australia, where the boys set out to reimagine this original American spirit using 100% Australian rye.

Legacy Rye is a dedication to Andrew and Ben’s great love of American-style whiskeys and their collaborative journey to produce deliciously unpretentious whiskey. It is a nod to our early days and an appreciation of how far we have come.

Legacy Rye is a 3 year old whiskey distilled from a mash bill of 59% Mallee Rye, 35% Australian Corn and 6% Australian Malt Barley - a whiskey reminiscent of Maryland style ryes. It was then aged in a heavy toast and high char cask in the middle of the bond store, providing a very consistent maturation profile. – Distillery Notes

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