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Seven Seasons

Seven Seasons Native Yam Vodka 700ml

Seven Seasons Native Yam Vodka 700ml

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Seven Seasons Native Yam Vodka is made from a base of wild-harvested native yams from the Northern Territory, this vodka has balanced earthy flavours and creamy, nutty notes.  Enjoy in a Dry Martini with lemon twist. 

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Variety: Vodka

Size mL: 700

Region: Adelaide Hills

ABV: 40%

Age Statement:

Distillery Info

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, nature is our clock, the stars are our calendar, and changes in the winds, plants and animals tell us the new season has arrived.

Dragonflies announce the dry season and fruiting of native cherries. The green tree frog tells us the big wet is coming. And when the bum gets fat on the green bush ant, we know it’s ripe with juicy, citrus pop.

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