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Prohibition Liquor Co.

Prohibition Liquor Co. Mum's Gin 500mL

Prohibition Liquor Co. Mum's Gin 500mL

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Prohibition’s 2023 Mum’s Gin combines a lush nose of fresh berries and flowers. Pomegranate is intertwined by fragrant rose and robust vanilla on the palate. Piney juniper, aromatic hibiscus and lavender, in harmony with sunrise lime and Riverland lemon zest balance this special drop. Bold yet refined, this gin balances delicate flavours in unapologetically vibrant ways. Serves beautifully neat on ice, as a florid gin and tonic (or gin and soda), and in a collins with wild berries and basil leaf.

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Product Information

Variety: Gin

Size mL: 500

Region: Adelaide

ABV: 42%

Age Statement:

Distillery Info

With the introduction of prohibition in 1920, a shadowy, underground industry sprang into existence. Its aim? To give the people what they wanted most. Gin was the liquor of choice. Produced by clandestine, bootleg spirit makers. One hundred years later, their spirit lives on at the Prohibition Liquor Co. but while our small-batch craftsmanship may echo that of the bootleggers, our artisan philosophy and obsession with only the world’s finest botanicals result in an altogether more sophisticated and premium end result.

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