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Cramele Recas

Cramele Recas Solara Orange Naturel Wine NV

Cramele Recas Solara Orange Naturel Wine NV

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Cramele Recas Solara Orange Naturel Wine is the perfect introduction to Orange wine. It has all the crisp, refreshing qualities of a white wine, with a hint of that structure and complexity of a red. It has delicate, floral aromas of peach and pear, with structured tannins and long finish.

✓ Vegan

✓ Preservative Free

✓ Organic

Wine Specifications

Variety: Orange Wine

Size: 750mL


ABV: 12.5%

Vintage: Non-Vintage

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Winery & Vintage Info

Made from Romanian white grapes, it is produced by leaving the grape skins and seeds in contact with the pressed juice, giving it a mellow orange hue. It then undergoes minimal intervention. Serve cool, but not super cold.

"A 'glou glou' wine is a bright, fruity style of wine, best served chilled, that demands to be glugged down to slake your thirst. This 'vin de soil' is made from whole bunches of organically farmed merlot which are left to ferment entirely naturally in tank for three weeks. Eventually the finished wine is bottled without filtration, fining or the addition of sulphur in order to preserve the natural flavours of the perfectly ripe grapes." Winery Notes

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