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19 Crimes

19 Crimes Snoop Dogg Cali Rosé 2020 (USA)

19 Crimes Snoop Dogg Cali Rosé 2020 (USA)

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19 Crimes is defiant by nature, bold in character and always uncompromising. This spirit lives on today through innovators and culture creators, like Cali’s own Snoop Dogg. A leader in contemporary pop culture, Snoop embodies the timeless values of the 19 Crimes rogues who came before him.

19 Crimes Snoop Dogg Cali Rosé 2020 vintage is made using 75% Zinfandel, 20% Grenache, and 5% Pinot Noir.

Wine Specifications

Variety: Rosé

Size: 750mL

Region: California

ABV: 10.5%

Vintage: 2020

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Winery & Vintage Info

19 Crimes is a brand that was built on authentic stories of rebellion, defiance, loyalty and perseverance. In 1788, banishment to Australia from the UK became the punishment of choice. If you broke any one of the 19 Crimes, you sailed on a harrowing journey where months later your fate awaited. Times were tough but these individuals were tougher and they overcame adversity and insurmountable odds to ultimately claim redemption.

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