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Kamonishiki Ginjo Sake Blue 720ml (Japan)

Kamonishiki Ginjo Sake Blue 720ml (Japan)

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The Kamonishiki Ginjo Sake is not filtered in order to enjoy its natural taste and flavour. It has an elegant and subtle aroma of ginjo-shu with a thirst quenching finish.

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Variety: Sake

Size mL: 720


ABV: 15%

Age Statement:

Distillery Info

Kamonishiki Brewery is a Niigata sake brewery that specialises in small batch production with outstanding handcrafted packaging, too. Since its establishment in Kamo City, Niigata Prefecture in 1893, the brewery has been popular amongst locals as a best-kept secret. Great effort is taken to make the highest-quality sake possible, they may be small and limited in their output and production, yet they take of great pride in their work. Distillery Notes

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