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Domaine Royal De Jarras

Domaine Royal De Jarras Pink Flamingo Gris Rosé 2018

Domaine Royal De Jarras Pink Flamingo Gris Rosé 2018

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Domaine Royal De Jarras Pink Flamingo Rosé 2018 wine has a pale grey colour with a nice brilliance. An intense nose with notes of red berries, white peach enhanced by some notes of citrus fruit. Ample and generous on the palate with notes of white fleshed fruit, enhanced by a nice saline finish. Pink Flamingo will accompany with pleasure the Mediterranean cuisine and the appetizer boards.

Wine Specifications

Variety: Rose (Red)

Size: 750mL

Region: Languedoc

ABV: 12.5%

Vintage: 2018

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Winery & Vintage Info

The vines of Domaine Royal de Jarras survived the phylloxera epidemic that originated in 1863. The soil is cultivated traditionally without using any herbicide. In order to avoid wind erosion, a rye cover protects the soil from October to May. More than 5,000 sheep pasture here throughout the winter. Fertilization is mainly organic.

Sable de Camargue is a protected geographic indication and produces wines with extremely low acidity. The main vine stock at Domaine Royal de Jarras is Grenache gris. The juice obtained after pressing this grape varietal has a unique 'pink grey' colour, which gives it its 'gris de gris' name.

Generation after generation, Domaine de Jarras’ mission has been to protect and enhance the area’s natural environment while also respecting it. All the right steps have been taken to ensure the vines that produce these exceptional wines grow in harmony with the natural landscape, protecting both the vineyard and its surrounding environment.

Following the new techniques and developments of recent years, these vineyards adopted the precise viticulture methods that logically led to what we know as organic wine production.

This is why all the products used are natural. The goal is to constantly watch over the well-being of the soil, plants, and animals, thereby promoting the health of the ecosystem. 800 hectares of our Camargue vineyards are classified organic under European regulation, allowing us to produce wines using this viticultural method.

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