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924 Negroni

924 Negroni Barrel Aged 700ml

924 Negroni Barrel Aged 700ml

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From the lads themselves..
Serve chilled If you can make one, or locate one, a single large, crystal clear ice cube not only looks amazing, it will keep your Negroni perfectly chilled and melt much more slowly than a handful of small ice cubes. Sphere or cube? It's totally up to you... Top tip The 924 Negroni is completely undiluted, however through the ageing process loses a little of its alcohol and at 24.9% ABV requires no further dilution. Pour straight into glass over the largest, clearest ice cube you can find and under no circumstances forget to garnish with orange...
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Product Information

Variety: Vermouth

Size mL: 700

Region: Melbourne

ABV: 24.9%

Age Statement:

Distillery Info

The genesis of the Negroni dates back to over a hundred years ago, but the making of the Negroni 924 dates back to a few years ago with 3 Melbourne mates in their garage. The place where all good ideas come from!

Musing over their favourite drop, they came up with the idea of having a consistent pour every-time from one bottle, rather than the hit and miss of mixing the 3 steadfast ingredients of a Negroni - Campari, Gin and Vermouth.

Campari wasn’t negotiable -there would be no substitute for it as there’s no Negroni without the bonafide Campari. The Gin and Vermouth however was up for grabs.

After much trial and tribulation they agreed on a citrus-driven, bitter blend from a number of producers. Very reminiscent of marmalade when unblended, their vermouth blend ensures the finished product retains the necessary ‘edges’ a Negroni requires, despite a minimum of 2 months in the barrel.

Victoria’s award winning Original Spirit Co. was who they agreed to as their Gin component. Proudly Australian and using native, foraged, seasonal botanicals to make small batches of an aromatic, coriander- driven gin.

Aging takes place in a combination of new and used French oak barrels, all hand-coopered by a family friend in the Adelaide Hills and given a medium char.

The Negroni 924 was born - well done lads!

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