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Zonzo Estate Bellini Di Cristina NV (Yarra Valley)

Zonzo Estate Bellini Di Cristina NV (Yarra Valley)

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A traditional Italian aperitif that’s vibrant orange in colour and has just the right balance of peach nectar and Prosecco. The Zonzo Bellini Di Cristina gives a generous hit of peach on the nose and palate with a smooth creamy texture and gentle fizz.

Wine Specifications

Variety: Bellini Prosecco

Size: 750mL

Region: Yarra Valley

ABV: 8%

Vintage: Non-Vintage

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Winery & Vintage Info

Zonzo Estate's Peach Bellini is a refreshing and flavourful aperitif that's perfect for any occasion. Infused with the rich flavour of ripe peach and the bubbly essence of Prosecco, this vibrant orange-hued drink will awaken your taste buds with every sip. Our sparkling Bellini mix has a smooth and creamy texture, coupled with a gentle fizz. It is sure to please your palate, leaving you with a delightful aftertaste. Whether you're looking for something to brighten up your day or a drink to complement your meal, Zonzo Estate's Bottled Peach Bellini is a great choice that's sure to satisfy. Winery Notes

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