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Wild Hibiscus Distilling Co.

Wild Hibiscus Distilling Co. Finger Lime Gin 750ml

Wild Hibiscus Distilling Co. Finger Lime Gin 750ml

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This fascinating gin by Wild Hibiscus Distilling Co. has been 10 year in the making. The Finger Lime Gin is the distillers masterpiece, featuring suspended finger lime caviar sourced from the distillers own 80 acre farm at Kurrajong Heights.

Located at the top of a picturesque mountain 65km north west of Sydney on the edge of the Blue Mountains. These little balls of limey goodness pop in your mouth when you bite them releasing an aromatic burst of pure citrus gin, redefining the definition of the ultimate Gin & Tonic! It is a very playful gin.

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Variety: Gin

Size mL: 750


ABV: 40%

Age Statement:

Distillery Info

A medly of 100% Hawkesbury grown citrus with a special variety of finger lime caviar as the star backed up by navelina oranges, kaffir lime leaves, tahitian lime leaf & lemons from the distillers Mum's tree's at Kurrajong... This Gin is perfectly balanced for tonic & the very definition of made for mixing.

Wild Hibiscus Distilling Co Finger Lime gin is THE WORLD'S MOST DIFFICULT GIN TO MAKE! Each small batch takes over 1 year we grow the fruit, distill multiple gins to infuse the caviar at different stages and then balance out this magnificent gin with pure deep spring water from the distillers farm.

The finger limes are first pollinated by bees from our apirary (we use the finger lime honey in our b'Lure Elderflower gin), the limes are nurtured in the orchard for 8-9 months absorbing the clean air and sunshine at Kurrajong Heights on the edge of the Blue Mountains. The limes are hand picked wearing long leather gloves at the perfect maturity for this gin. It's a horrible task and you would not wish the harvest upon anyone... But our Finger Limes have the best view, they can even see the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from the orchard.

Then the difficult part starts... Through a unique process developed by the distiller the caviar inside the limes is gently removed on machinery he designed and built with his brother and then the seeds are separated. The pure caviar is then infused for several months on a special distillers strength gin to age, soak and mature. This ensures the perfect Pop, just like it was picked yesterday. But this process also allows the contents inside each tiny pearl to become 40% alcohol gin.

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