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Canadian Club

Canadian Club Original Whisky 700ml

Canadian Club Original Whisky 700ml

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Bright gold in colour with a fresh and soft, almond nuttiness and hint of peppery spice, the Canadian Club Original Whisky is a favorite among whisky drinkers. Spicy and zesty, complimented with hints of rich oak and sweet vanilla it has a pleasant sweetness with the finish being clean and dry lingering with subtle oak.

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Product Information

Variety: World Whisky

Size mL: 750


ABV: 37%

Age Statement: No Age Statement (NAS)

Distillery Info

A man by the name of Hiram Walker, a successful grain merchant, was the founder of what is now known world wide as Canadian Club located in Ontario, Canada.

Believing their whisky was different, they branded their barrels with their name so it was easily recognisable to all who were beginning to notice them.

Canadians took pride in their very own whisky before the Americans also came to the party, considering it to be for the gentry who would visit exclusive gentlemen clubs, fast becoming known as the ‘Club Whisky’.

It wasn’t long before the whisky gained so much popularity, thus taking the shine off local American made bourbon, that the American government bought in the rule that at all spirits must be named with their country of origin, hence the genesis of Canadian Club Whisky.

The best-selling flagship whisky, Canadian Club Original Whisky, is where most people begin their Canadian Club journey. This is the one that started the legend. A giant of Canadian whisky since 1858, it’s aged longer than the 3 years required by law in oak barrels before bottling for the smoothest possible flavour.

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