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Applewood Distillery

Applewood Distillery Økar Island Bitter Amaro 750ml

Applewood Distillery Økar Island Bitter Amaro 750ml

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The Økar Island Bitter is handcrafted from botanicals native to the coastal rainforests of Australia. Applewood Distillery has created this fine bitter, a supreme example of rare native Riberries, fresh Davidson Plums and aromatic Strawberry Gum Leaf. Handcrafted in small batches amongst the pristine Adelaide Hills, showcasing a unique expression of the sunburnt country we belong to.

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Variety: Bitters

Size mL: 750

Region: Adelaide Hills

ABV: 24%

Age Statement:

Distillery Info

Now here’s a drink with a difference!

Born from the love of our sunburnt country, Australia, the beauty of bitter is in its ability to craft an absolute crystalline expression of time and place - capturing the essence of a culture. Nothing celebrates the culture of Australia more so than Økar Island Bitter by Applewood Distillery.

On the most ancient inhabited continent on earth, evolving without geological contact for the last 96 million years - hails some of the most remarkably unique botanicals the world has never seen. We work with indigenous groups and aspirational farmers who seek to farm more sustainable produce with which we can use to craft Økar Island Bitter.

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