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The Irishmen

The Irishman Founders Reserve Irish Whiskey 700ml

The Irishman Founders Reserve Irish Whiskey 700ml

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The Irishman Founders Reserve Irish Whiskey has a zesty Spice, with hints of caramel, black pepper, cinnamon, and peaches. A slight hint of vanilla too, with a suggestive note of Green Apple. The palate is of Pot Still Spice, malt, dark chocolate, bourbon oak, and crème caramel finishing with oak and butterscotch.

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Product Information

Variety: Irish Whiskey

Size mL: 700


ABV: 40%

Age Statement: No Age Statement (NAS)

Distillery Info

The Irishman is the Walsh family’s original whiskey. In keeping with Bernard and Rosemary’s dream to play a significant part in the revival of Irish whiskey, The Irishman represents the rebirth of the 19th Century tradition of family owned provincial whiskey distilling that thrived during the last golden age of Irish Whiskey at the end of the 1800s. In a hands-on, hand-crafted approach Bernard Walsh and his family produce whiskey in the same way as the 19th Century distilling families.

The Founder’s Reserve is a unique take on the old Irish Pot Still Whiskey and is the original and signature blend created by founder Bernard Walsh. It is a blend of two styles, Single Malt and Single Pot Still. The proportions used are 70% Single Malt and 30% Single Pot Still. This is unusual in itself, as it is the only Irish blended whiskey to contain 100% whiskey distillates from the copper pot still and 0% Grain or Column still whiskey. This results in a much more flavoursome whiskey. The Founder’s Reserve is triple distilled and matured in Bourbon Casks. A Gold Medal Winner at The International Spirits Challenge in London, one of the highest rated Irish Whiskey’s in Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible with 93 points – “Quite a Wonderful Blend” and most recently awarded Gold at “The Whiskey Masters” as overall winner in “The Irish Whiskey Category”. Distillery Notes

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