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Rocky Jones

Rocky Jones Signature Gin 700ml (Mornington Peninsula)

Rocky Jones Signature Gin 700ml (Mornington Peninsula)

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Rocky Jones Signature Gin is an elegant yet robust with an emphasis on citrus towards the end of the palate. The spirit is produced from grapes which creates a subtle natural sweetness. No sugar or additives are used in the production process. Enjoy this creation boasting flavours of the coastal area with friends and family.

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Product Information

Variety: Gin

Size mL: 700

Region: Mornington Peninsula

ABV: 42%

Age Statement:

Distillery Info

Crafted with passion on the Victorian Mornington Peninsula, Christian Melone has taken traditional Italian methods passed down from from his grandfather to produce premium quality spirits.

Christian says, “We use traditional methods that have been passed down 3 generations. This includes letting our 8 botanicals sit with the neutral spirit for 24 hours. We hand peel citrus and vapour infuse it. We then let our copper still do the work. Throughout distillation we take cuts to ensure only high quality gin is collected. We dilute the gin with rainwater and filter the product before bottling. Each bottle is hand labeled and numbered. Our goal is to produce premium quality gin at an affordable price for the Rocky Jones family.”

All spirits are distilled using wine as a base. The first batch was produced using Pinot Grigio wine and with many hours perfecting the recipe, the first Rocky Jones Gin was created.

What’s in a name? Rocky was the man who taught Christian's grandfather the art of distillation and Jones Road was where Christian began practicing the craft.

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