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Mornington Brewery

Mornington Free Non-Alc Pale Ale 375ml

Mornington Free Non-Alc Pale Ale 375ml

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✓ Alcohol Free

Mornington Free is a non-alcoholic Pale Ale brewed with a unique recipe to ferment to less than 0.5% ABV while retaining full-bodied taste and bold passionfruit and citrus aromas. Pouring light golden, this deliciously easy-going beer is balanced and refreshing.

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Product Information

Variety: Pale Ale

Size: 375mL


ABV: 0.5%


Brewery Info

Mornington Peninsula Brewing Free is a Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale. Mornington Free Pale Ale is brewed using a unique recipe and fermented with a special yeast, where instead of producing regular alcohol it produces esters, which are extremely important in giving beer its distinctive taste and mouthfeel.

Unlike lagers, Pale Ales use aroma hops to give the beer a fruity flavour, which MPB believe makes it the perfect beer variant to transition to non-alcoholic. Due to the hops profile of citrus and passionfruit in Mornington Free, these bold flavours stand out and help minimise the taste (or lack thereof) of the alcohol.

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