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Metaxa Ouzo 700ml (Greece)

Metaxa Ouzo 700ml (Greece)

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A clear light blue colour with aniseed and liquorice on the nose. The Metaxa Ouzo has a clean, crispy long lasting finish with mastic notes.

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Variety: Spirit

Size mL: 700


ABV: 38%

Age Statement:

Distillery Info

Born in 1848 in Greece, Spyros Metaxa is a descendant of a family of silk merchants. An adventurer and man of taste, he decided to establish his own business in fine goods. Always travelling, Spyros Metaxa discovered different spirits and wines from around the world.

METAXA Ouzo is the essence of Greekness captured in a bottle.
Perfectly balanced with anise, a rare and treasured Greek ingredient, mastic, brings a gentle sea breeze sense and a velvety texture to the spirit.
Distilled in 100% copper stills in small batches that help reveal all the richness of its flavours.
Thanks to the METAXA Master’s know-how on processing the botanicals to be incorporated into Ouzo, the fine character of the mastic is perfectly balanced with anise.
This method brings the refreshing feeling of the sea breeze into METAXA Ouzo, that subtly guides through the bouquet of botanicals and spices and finally surprises with complexity and balance. – Distillery Notes

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