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Massenez Pastis 1811 500ml (France)

Massenez Pastis 1811 500ml (France)

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Sweet liquorice on the nose, the Massenez Pastis has a harmony of scents with no harshness. The palate is experienced in three stages - aniseed note, herbal/floral note, liquorice note, a very harmonious sensation for the palate, both elegant and subtle.

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Size mL: 500


ABV: 45%

Age Statement:

Distillery Info

In the 19th century, while Absinthe made many distilleries rich, including Lemercier, it was accused of causing all of society’s ills and was the subject of lively debates, until it was finally banned in 1915 under the pressure of the powerful wine growers’ lobby, and in the name of the fight against alcoholism.

Numerous substitutes tried to take the place of Absinthe and it was finally a simple modification of the recipe that allowed Pastis to be born in 1923...and this is how Distillerie Lemercier’s Pastis was marketed!

Subtly perfumed, Pastis 1811 is unique due to its freshness and smoothness.

Pastis 1811 is a truly traditional Pastis, produced by macerating and distilling (under controlled temperature) various carefully selected seeds and plants like wormwood, mugwort, gentian, liquorice, star anise to name a few.

Nine month minimum aging of the distillate after blending, in tanks in the granary. Distillery Notes

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