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Massenez Liqueur De Curacao Triple Sec 500ml (France)

Massenez Liqueur De Curacao Triple Sec 500ml (France)

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The rich aroma of the the Liqueur De Curacao uses peels of bitter curacao orange and other citrus fruits it is perfect to be drunk neat, over ice, in cocktails or poured over ice cream or desserts.

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Variety: Liqueur

Size mL: 500


ABV: 20%

Age Statement:

Distillery Info

The history of the Massenez Distillery dates back to 1870 when Jean-Baptiste Massenez worked in the Val de Villé in Urbeis as a distiller... He then opened a royal path to his descendants who inherited this know-how: his son Eugène Massenez became a recognized Master Distiller.

It is thanks to the centuries-old know-how of the Master Liquorists and a strict selection of ingredients that the Massenez Distillery offers you the best Creams & Liquors since 1870.

The creaminess of Massenez Creams & Liqueurs, their right balance, and the elegance of their aromas make them the most used Creams & Liqueurs in the bar world.

Liqueur De Curacao, Liqueur De Pasteque and Liqueur De Pomme Verte are just some of the iconic liqueurs on offer.

High-end products certainly, but which will delight all palates thanks to an unparalleled aromatic palette. Distillery Notes

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