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3 Fonteinen

3 Fonteinen Oude Gueze Cuvee Armand & Gaston 750ml

3 Fonteinen Oude Gueze Cuvee Armand & Gaston 750ml

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The story of 3 Fonteinen is one of underdogs and passionate brewers who continued to focus on the quality of their product even in times when demand lacked and high financial loss pushed the blenders to the edge of extinction. Armand and Gaston is dedicated to the father and son team and let 3 Fonteinen be what it is today.

Unlike 3 Fonteinen's regular Geuze which is made up of wort from Lindemans and Boon, Armand & Gaston is 100% brewed, fermented and blended at 3 Fonteinens site in Beersel. Making this arguably the truest representation of what they have fought so hard to achieve.

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Product Information

Variety: Lambic

Size: 750mL


ABV: 5%


Brewery Info

Bottled 11/14/17 - This particular geuze is blended with lambics aged on 8 different barrels, originating from wort of 9 different brews. Source:

3 Fonteinen translates to three fountains, which refers to the original hand pumps that were used to serve three types of beer: lambic, faro, and kriek.

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