Bethany Wines - Barossa Valley

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The Bethany Wines Cellar Door & Vineyards vista.

Bethany Wines is home to some of the oldest vines in the Barossa Valley, holding a special place in the regions winemaking history.

Johann Gottlob Schrapel and his family arrived from Silesia on the George Washington in 1844. This was just eight years after South Australia was settled. Like many Silesian migrants, they travelled by ox cart to Bethany (Bethanien), and established the Barossa’s first settlement.

Johann planted the first vineyard in 1852 from cuttings carried from Europe. He built a wine cellar and had reputation as a winemaker. Despite this their family were only in the business of grape growing for the next four generations.

In 1981, fifth generation brothers Robert and Geoff established Bethany Wines. They built a winery in the quarry where the early pioneers had hewn stone for their homes. They crushed 2 tonnes of Shiraz and Riesling, launching the next chapter of the Schrapel wine story.

The early 1980s were tough for Barossa grape growers. A glut followed a red wine boom and grape prices fell below production cost. The State Government wanted growers to pull out old Shiraz and Grenache vines. They encouraged growers to plant new varieties or leave the industry.

Fortuitously, the brothers chose to establish a tradition of winemaking from this undervalued yet irreplaceable resource of old vineyards.

With the wineries reputation for hospitality, and stunning valley vista's they began to grow.

The stunning Bethany wines views of the vineyard, and Barossa Valley.

Over 40 years on and Bethany remains a vibrant family company that plays a significant role in the Barossa community, with Tania Schrapel continuing the legacy of the business, sharing the same passion for the vineyards, for crafting fine wines, and working alongside her father, Geoff and Uncle, Robert.

The Schrapel Family of Bethany Wines of Barossa Valley


Barossa Valley - Wine Region - South Australia

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Barossa Valley is located approximately 45 minutes north of Adelaide in South Australia. Renowned around the world for big bold Shiraz, and Cabernet, this region really does outperform in quality and value.

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