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For many many years those wanting to enjoy the flavours and social aspects of wine drinking without the alcohol have had very limited options, and often the quality of the wine was not up to scratch. In recent times this has changed, but how do we get wine without the alcohol?


We reached out to Giesen Wines from New Zealand to understand this process after their successful creation of their New Zealand 0% Sauvignon Blanc which has become one of the most sought after Sauvignon Blanc wines in our catalogue.


There is a four step process to creating their Alcohol Free Wine, the first of which is to create the delicious Sauvignon Blanc we all know and love. Secondly they use an innovative cone distillation process which separates the Aromas, the Alcohol and finally the Body of the wine. Now that all three elements are separated they recombine the aromas back in to the body of the wine but they leave the alcohol out. The final stage is to add a tough of their premium grape juice to round out the final blend, resulting in the most true to style non-alcoholic wines we have seen in the market to date.


This is a bit different to other options on the market that use less gentle reverse osmosis methods, or those that don’t involve creating a wine at all, but according to Giesen taking those extra steps is important to them, it means they can make sure their final blend is as much like their alcohol based real wines as possible.


The most exciting part about their innovation is they are able to create a few varieties with he most recent releases of their 0% New Zealand Pinot Gris, and the 0% New Zealand Rosé now available. If it is anything like their Sauvignon Blanc they will be in hot demand this summer.


You can purchase these three alcohol free wines from Wine Sellers Direct along with a great selection of alcohol free craft beers & spirits.